Virtual Commissioning founded the Cx 2.0 movement, a cloud-based initiative to improve the user's experience



Affordable & Cloud-Based

VirtualCx is an affordable, cloud-based project management site for commissioning (Cx). You'll learn it quickly. That's because it's intuitive, featuring a tabbed browser design making it easy to use. And even better?  It requires little to no training - a huge benefit for construction software!

Unlimited seats! 
Features include unlimited team members (seats) and unlimited uploads. Automatic reporting is a single 'click' away. 

Issues Log
Maintaining an issues log is a snap. Especially if you increase team productivity by (optionally) authorizing contractors and other team members to close their own issues (they can be easily reopened, if needed). 

Secure and Easy
Your information is stored on highly secure Amazon servers, and each user is individually authorized. With files all in one place, it's a dream putting together final reports and systems manuals. 

SITE > (password needed) 

VirtualCx Testing+

Testing at the speed of Wow!

VirtualCx Testing+ just might be the fastest testing experience you've ever had. Your test forms and entries will never slow you down again. That's because they've been designed by Cx people for Cx people. We know what works and what pleases!

iPad Compatible
iPad compatible, Testing+ forms are:

  • Fully editable PDFs
  • Touch sensitive
  • Use laptop or tablet
  • Voice integration speak into any field, dictating your test results and notes with super-fast ease.
  • Database compatible - when paired up with Virtual Building Browser - each field can be automatically linked to our powerful databases.

You'll get used to it yesterday!
Once you've tried Testing+, you're really not going to want to go back to the old clunky methods. Call them de-stressors - VirtualCx Testing+ is fast, simple and easy.


Virtual Building Browser

A very big change has arrived!

Virtual Building Browser is so exciting and powerful that we've formed a brand new software company called Goat Tree Labs.

The trap door is finally open!
Virtual Building Browser is what building owners and facility teams have been waiting for - a simple, revolutionary way to effortlessly access a wide variety of information trapped inside a facility. And to associate that information by individual asset! And from anywhere in the world! 

Designed to pay for itself! 
Designed for quick payback, Virtual Building Brower's asset-specific information, live data, and virtual reality tours inside your facility are only the beginning.