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Smart Building Technician

The Smart Building Technician (SBT) represents an approach to building information that recognizes the need for a unique class of trained individuals - people who are skilled in the interoperability of systems and data, and familiar with standardized semantics for communication. 

Presented to the California Commissioning Collaborative, "The EnergySmart Building Technician: Missing Links for Widespread High Performance Buildings" was co-presented by Chuck Brands (Greenbuild Energy) and Mark Walter (VirtualCx). The presentation reports on a course developed by Mr. Brands.

Smart Building Standards

Don't develop your standards at the kitchen table. Think scalability - on a global level.

Smart Buildings

What is 'Smart'?

The commissioning process has inadvertently put process ahead of people (and can consequently seem byzantine and arcane). Yet, despite this miscalculation, commissioning is perfectly placed to touch and manage a huge amount of building related data and information.

But it can only be successful turning that opportunity into something more valuable if it is cognizant of designing and building a new, human oriented, self-improvement based model - while embracing standardized semantics.

Smart Buildings need Smart People.

Cx 2.0 - Overcoming Inherent Inefficiency: Commissioning, Skill Sets and the Transfer of Knowledge >

Featured Article

One Man Defeating a Hundred

The martial artist trains for years to become “the calm at the center of the storm”, the eye of the hurricane. It is from this spot that, with a minimum amount of effort, one man can defeat a hundred.

In buildings and facilities, when it comes to things like commissioning and sharing information, clearly we are expending too much effort. How do we know this? Because there are far too many things inhibiting effortless flow. Instead of one man defeating a hundred, a hundred are overwhelming the one.

Toby Considine challenges our thinking in his article "Need a Map to Those Bridges?"

“A bridge spans two different areas that are perhaps quite different: different land, different culture, different cities. Bridges do not join two territories into one—that would be dredging and filling. We build bridges to connect two disparate things, not too make them one. Too often, through system integration, we try to make one large thing. This is expensive, and limits future choices. It slows the adoption of new technologies. The preferred approach is light, loose integration, perhaps even self-integration. Building bridges.” - Toby Considine

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